Currency notes are the physical notes. In Canada we typically use notes of CAD 5,10,20,50 and 100 denomination. Similarly, each currency has its own denomination set. 

Prime forex services offers almost all tradeable currencies. Having said that, if the currency you require is not listed, please contact us at +1 403 293 5455 or send us an email at Calgary@primeforexservices.com 

No There is no Charge for any Currency Exchange Transactions at our Forex Counters 

You can block your currency exchange rate for 2 days by paying a 10 percent non refundable advance at our nearest Branch Location. 

No, we cannot guarantee the rate that you see on the website as the Currency Exchange rates are dynamic in nature and keep fluctuating. We would, however, try giving the same rate as on the website. In case we do not have the requested currency at our Store, we may not be able to quote a rate for that currency. 

You can pay via Debit Card, Cash or Electronic Fund Transfer 

Yes, we will better the rate. Please note here that the proof of the rate would have to be verified by Prime forex before the rate is bettered. The Exchange rates for Currencies as well as Money Transfer are dynamic and hence Prime forex recommends its customers to also re verify the rate if they had been communicated a particular rate by a Bank or an Exchange house if some time has lapsed between the rate quoted by competitors and by Prime forex. 

We operate our Branches from 10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday 

For orders upto CAD 1000, we just verify any govt. Issued ID. For orders above CAD 1000, we take a copy of the ID for our records. For Transactions above CAD 20000, We take the Source of Funds Documents.